Sunday, March 9, 2008



Every human being has the ability to think. Unfortunately, the majority of mankind does not think even if it thinks it does. Most people emote and confuse this touchy-feely sentiment with real thinking.There is a science - yes, a science of right thinking. It's called "Logic." Logic is the science of those principles, laws, and methods which the mind of man in its thinking must follow for the accurate and secure attainment of truth.Obviously, if these principles, laws and methods are not used in thinking, one's thinking will be skewed and convoluted. In a word: USELESS.

Pontius Pilate made a profound statement when caught in a dilemma: He asked, perhaps somewhat mockingly, "What is truth?" Nevertheless, this is a fair question: What is truth? And, then, we ought to have the honesty to really mean it when we say that we want to know the truth. But, do we? Judging from the horrible condition of society all over the world, truth seems to be the least and last of anyone's concern.If you desire to learn how to think correctly, come back to this blog. My time is worth $100 per hour. Problem is, getting it.....But now, for your sake, I am willing to spend my time instructing you in the science of correct thinking.

Peace be with you!

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